Project name:

The Car

Project description:

In order to complete trip across the country, we needed a durable chassis with a low coefficient of drag (decreased air resistance) that was easily convertible to an electric car. We decided on the four door Volkswagen GTI due to it’s ease of conversion, low drag coefficient, light weight, and ample space for battery storage.

Outfitted with the DC, series wound Warp 9 electric motor and a water cooled Soliton 1 controller, the M-BEAM EV (MEV) can generate a peak horsepower of 200 hp and sustain 110 hp consistently. With a battery capacity of 29 kWh and minimal rolling resistance due to high efficiency tires, we are expecting a range of greater than 125 miles.

The MEV will also contain an integrated heads up display, actively monitoring the power usage of the cells. This will be used in conjunction with efficient driving habits to optimize the range of the MEV.


Car Body 2002 Volkswagen Golf (4 door)
Weight 3113 lbs.
Dimensions 166″ l x 70″ w x 58″ h
CdA 2.60
Tires Low Rolling Resistance
Motor Warp 9
Nominal Power 110 hp
Peak Power 200 hp
Watt-Hours 29 kWh
Range >125 miles
# of Battery Modules 18 (module specs here)
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate, LFP
Controller Soliton 1, water cooled

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