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The Trip

Project description:

Are you guys crazy?

Yes. And no. We are crazy about electric cars and batteries. We think that they are the inevitable future of transportation and that now is the time to get involved.


Coast to coast. Electric cars. What’s the big deal?

Sure, electric cars are currently on the market and have been for decades. But battery technology is slow to catch up and there are significant advances to be made. If you were to drive from the west to east coast in a modern electric car, it’d take you 10-12 days, which we’re pretty sure is how long it took in a covered wagon. We have a little something up our sleeves that can cut that time down significantly…two and one half days (60 hours) to be exact. Without stopping to recharge the battery.


How the heck is that possible?

Science. And magic. But mostly science. Our modular battery concept would work exactly like a flashlight would. Pull out depleted batteries, put in new ones. Except this flashlight has wheels. And flies down the road at 65 mph. The biggest limitations on electric cars are range and recharging. Most modern electric vehicles are only capable of just over 100 miles on one charge. Then it has to stop and recharge, which takes hours. We think that this is unacceptable for the needs of modern society. Our car has a range of about 150 miles per charge, but there is no need to stop and wait for it to charge back up. Just put in new batteries and you are good to go!


Alright, I get it. How are YOU going to do this?

This is the fun part. Since at some point on the trip, we are going to need some sleep, our team is going to consist of six, rotating drivers: two in the car (one driver & one navigator) and the remaining four in a following passenger van, sleeping, eating, and getting on each other’s nerves. Recharged modules will be strategically placed along the route, simulating exchange stations. Want to see the route we will be taking? Click here!


Sounds pretty cool! Get me in on the action.

If you want to help, watch, or criticize, let us know at As of now, you can follow our journey via our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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